Nine deities exist within the realm of Fairden at present. There are rumors of ones that have come before them, but they are just that: rumors.

The Hero

Lawful Good
The Hero is a man of humble origins who rose above chaos and became a champion of the just. He is a glory seeker and a protector of the downtrodden- but he comes in many different forms depending on the worshipper. To some he appears as a human clad in shining armor and wielding a sword made of light, while to others he appears as an elf clad in leather and furs wielding a bow, and others still he appears as a stalwart dwarf wielding a greathammer.
Domains (Sub-domains): Glory (Heroism, Honor), Law (Judgement, Loyalty), Liberation (Freedom, Revolution), Strength (Competition, Resolve), Sun (Revelation)
Favored Weapon: Longsword

The Mother

Neutral Good
The Mother is a protector of all life. She oversees childbirth and watches young and expectant mothers with extreme focus, but she watches over families and provides nourishment and protection to all who call upon her. She is noble and just, and her heart full of compassion for the suffering of others. When it is time for one to pass on to the next life, prayers are offered to The Mother to guide them safely towards their rest.
Domains (Sub-domains): Good (Redemption), Healing (Restoration), Protection (Defense, Purity), Repose (Ancestors, Souls)
Favored Weapon: Short sword

The Child

Chaotic Good
The Child is the embodiment of innocence and whimsy. She is the perpetual child with a song in her heart and a dance at her feet. She, along with the mother, watches children and gives them protection, but is also the patron deity of revelry and fun.
Domains (Sub-domains): Air (Wind), Chaos (Azata, Revelry, Whimsy), Community (Family, Home), Earth
Favored Weapon: Starknife

The Mentor

Lawful Neutral
The Mentor is the all knowing master of knowledge. They are the old man in the mountain, the sage in the tower, the hermit under the bridge. Typically appearing as an elderly man dressed in flowing robes, he wanders the world and offers flashes of inspiration and wisdom to those who need it most by reading to them passages of his mighty tome.
Domains (Sub-domains): Knowledge (Education, Memory, Thought), Magic (Arcane, Divine), Nobility (Aristocracy), Rune (Language, Wards)
Favored Weapon: Dagger

The Scrivener

True Neutral
The Scrivener is the aspect of the very history of Fairden. He is an impartial watcher who has dedicated their existence to observing and writing down the great history of heroes and villains as it plays out before them.
Domains (Sub-domains): Artifice, Knowledge (Aeon, Memory, Thought), Nobility (Leadership, Martyr), Travel (Exploration)
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

The Madonna

Chaotic Neutral
The Madonna is the aspect of the lover. She is a sensual seductress and appears to those who call upon her as their idealized lover. Her passion is boundless, which is a double edged sword: the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” has never been truer than when dealing with The Madonna.
Domains (Sub-domains): Animal, Charm (Love, Lust), Plant (Decay, Growth), Trickery (Deception, Greed, Innuendo)
Favored Weapon: Whip

The Sufferer

Lawful Evil
The Sufferer is the great judge and petitioner of divine justice. He is habitually the scapegoat for The Doppleganger and as such he exists within the reaches of the aether as an embittered old creature, flayed and chained as his punishment. Not many actively seek out the blessing of The Sufferer- they are merely victim to the divine punishment that he metes out.
Domains (Sub-domains): Darkness (Loss), Luck (Curse, Fate), Madness (Insanity, Nightmare), War (Blood)
Favored Weapon: Flail

The Doppleganger

Neutral Evil
The Doppleganger is the trickster god; the shapeshifter that uses their divine talent to cause mischief and chaos wherever they go. None know the original form of The Doppleganger, save that they wear a plain white eyeless mask with a broad smile painted across it. Their mischief is typically malevolent in nature, however they are also known to use their cunning and skill to help those in need (as long as it benefits itself in the long run).
Domains (Sub-domains): Chaos (Entropy, Riot), Fire (Ash, Smoke), Luck (Imagination), Trickery (Ambush, Deception, Thievery), Water (Ice)
Favored Weapon: Rapier

The Shadow

Chaotic Evil
The Shadow is the embodiment of darkness and spreader of torment and destruction. It is the harbinger of death and the root of nearly all chaos in Fairden. While diminished thanks to the presence of The Hero, it’s power still seeps through the cracks and into a few of it’s select worshippers and often transforms them into mighty beasts of terrible power and malevolence. It’s goal is simple: the destruction of all so that it’s darkness can spread across the cosmos and become absolute.
Domains (Sub-domains): Chaos (Entropy), Darkness (Loss), Death (Murder, Plague, Undead), Destruction (Catastrophe, Rage), Evil (Corruption, Fear)
Favored Weapon: Scythe

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